Yangon Family Photo Shoots at Inya Lake and Kandawgyi Lake

Now that the rainy season is behind us, my inbox is flooded with shoot requests and I'm reminded that OH YEAH, I'M A PHOTOGRAPHER! The weather is finally cooperating, and I am looking forward to the next few months of shooting.

Rainy season hits hard in Yangon. Last year it rained for 6 months straight (almost to the day). This year, dare I say it looks like we're in dry season a bit earlier? 

I squeezed in one last shoot before the rain started in May, and I forgot to blog about it. What an adorable family they were. We headed to Inya Lake at sunset. The heat and humidity were almost unbearable, but we managed to get some beautiful photos in just twenty minutes. 


Right after that lovely shoot, I attempted a few more, and they got rained out every time. And when I said rained out I do not mean there was a light sprinkling and I was afraid to get my equipment wet. I mean, the streets were so flooded that I couldn't get to the location. 

One family had the worst luck with scheduling a shoot last year. Every time we fixed a date, someone in their family got sick. When everyone was healthy, the rain threatened to disrupt our shoot once again, but we pushed forward. I told them to bring umbrellas and we would go to Kandawgyi Lake, rain or shine. 


In fact, the umbrellas turned out to be a useful prop! 

It rained on and off during the shoot, but we still had fun and ended up with some great family photos.

(I still prefer dry season, though.)