Magical Bagan Sunrise Shoot {Yangon Myanmar Family Photographer}

Oh, how I wish Bagan was a short drive away from Yangon! It's the most magical location imaginable, with thousands of ancient pagodas to explore, and dozens of hot air balloons rising up from the mist at sunrise.  I've been there a few times for photo shoots (including an amazing vacation photo session with a single traveler), and it never gets old.

This couple was recently engaged and asked if I would be willing to travel for a photo shoot. Easy answer: YES. When we arrived in Bagan, the couple surprised me: they actually planned to get married there and I would be the only witness. It was the most touching experience, to be able to share this quiet sunrise marriage between two wonderful people. We had a fantastic spot on top of a monastery, and no other tourists ventured near us the whole time. This is one photo shoot location where I think it's always worth making the trip!